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“Not Quite Traditional is a conversation about life. A conversation where candor brings realness to the fun, tasty, crazy, and sometimes hard stuff in life. A conversation about life’s imperfections and living large through it all.”

– Emily A. Atkinson, Founder and Author of Not Quite Traditional

Hi, I’m Emily.

I’m a proud, born-and-raised Wisconsin woman with an affinity toward Southern bald men (aka my husband). I love coffee and never start my day with less than two cups. I’ve got a career that I’m incredibly proud of and work toward success in every day. My husband is my rock and puts up with all of my crazy, but always endearing nuances. I love to cook and eat; Food Network is my Saturday church.

When it comes to life, I’m willing to bet that 9 out of every 10 people would say I’ve got myself together all the time. I’m here to tell you, that’s just not the case! When it comes to life, I’m living it… through the organized and the messy; the “oh em gee!” moments and the “hell yeah!” moments. I’m living, eating, and working on embracing my way through all of these challenges while appreciating the blessings.

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Let’s chat! I’d love to hear from you. A topic you’d love to hear about, how you’re living life large, or maybe even a question or two. Can’t wait!

More about Not Quite Traditional.

My roots are important to me. They’ve shaped me. They’re my guide and always something reliable.

When I started Not Quite Traditional back in 2012, it was a food blog and my opportunity to share my food creativity with you in a way that paid homage to my roots, but was uniquely me. Life threw me all kinds of changes – and my food blog died a fairly rapid death. Most of these twists and turns have turned out great, some came with a bit of a bite, and others are still twisting and turning.

I realized that Not Quite Traditional was more than food. It was an opportunity for a conversation about life straight up. About being a wife and a mother. About being a fierce friend and loving family member. About being a women driving her career. And about being a person who fails and kicks butt all in the same day, every day.  So, cheers to you and me and to this conversation, whatever it may bring.

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