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I’m a Mom Now

I’m a Mom Now

On February 9th at 7:47pm my husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world. I’ll never forget holding him for the first time and his perfect little head resting against my chest. The emotions, the thoughts, the amazement that ran through me in those first few hours are things that I’ll hold dear to me forever. Hudson (our little guy) has taught me so much in his first two months. I’ve learned so much about myself, my new role as a mom, and our new life. 

If you’ve read my bio or “It’s a Damn Good Story,” you know that I choose to work and as I’m sure you guessed, I plan to return to work (I’m actually looking forward to it). Since bringing Hudson home and settling into maternity leave I’ve learned how much I value my career and my ability to work in my field and be present in that way. I’ve also learned how fast-paced I operate on a daily basis and the effort it takes for me to slow down and take in the moments. 

In a conversation with a family member the other day she made mention to the memories she has of her three boys as little babies, like Hudson, specifically that they either all run together or they’re a blur. She told me to enjoy the moments – all of them – even the sleepless nights or the moments when he’s crying sounds I’ve never heard before but then settles down and of course all the cooing and sweet baby smiles, too. It became clear to me that I need to slow down and treasure the time I have with him just the two of as well as the time my husband and I have together with him. I’m not going to lie though, it’s taken me effort and it’s something I pray about. 

Being a (new) mom is an extreme shock. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s tested all of my skills and my abilities. It has tested our marriage. Yet, it has created opportunities for me to grow and love in a new way. I’m so grateful to be Hudson’s mom. 

Our new life as a family of three is amazing and nothing that I thought it would be. In fact, I can’t even remember what I thought it would be. Hudson is a dream. He’s sweet and resilient. He’s sensitive and animated. He’s strong willed when he really needs something and patient while we figure it out. He’s smiley and happy. Most of all he completes us in a way which only exists now that we’re a family of three. The adjustments are real and we’ve made many since Hudson has been a part of our life, but they’re all for the right reasons and many of them are yet to come over the next many years. For now though, I’m a mom who is overjoyed at being a mom and working tirelessly to figure it out, bringing my very best each and every day. 

This new life and this new role look good on me.